1.      Read all instructions carefully before beginning.

2.      After deciding where to mount the LED light assembly, you will be cutting a slot in correspondence to the lens that you have purchased.

3.      Measure twice, cut once, using a drill bit one size smaller than the width of the lens for example a 3/16 wide lens would require an 11/64 drill bit.

4.      After drilling your end holes, a grinder with a cut-off wheel or a dremel tool also works well. Keep all holes and slots that you have cut smaller than your actual lens. A file can be used to enlarge slot until the lens fits properly.

5.      Once the lens slot is cut and the lens fits properly, you need to figure out how to mount the light assembly. On steel fenders unpainted bodies, a stud can be welded to the inside of body to hold the LED light assembly. On fiberglass or painted fenders, a premium marine epoxy can be used on the edges of the light assembly, or you can epoxy studs on the inside of the fender. Hitech Products recommends a two part epoxy (resin and hardener type system). The epoxy can take a few minutes to harden, so the light may have to be held in place until the epoxy hardens.

6.      To completely seal the system from the elements (moister and dirt) you can use silicone to seal the edges. A small bead can be applied to any gaps in between the LED light and the body. NOTE: Too much silicone applied to the LED light can work its way into the lens and block off part of the light.

7.      If mounting the LED light on a curved surface like a fender, any lens material protruding past the outside of the body can be sanded off using a 180 grit sand paper and working your way up to 1500 grit paper. Any dullness on the lens can be polished off with a buffer and a fine compound.

8.      Mask off the lens with masking tape when painting the fender.

9.      Hitech Products recommends, spraying clear coat over the lens while spraying the fender.


. Red wire- Connect to taillight feed wire (running light).

. Yellow wire- Connect to brake feed wire (brake light).

. Black wire- Connect to a good ground or battery (negative) terminal.

. White wires- Part # PSC221TS connect to right & left turn signals.

Thank you for purchasing Hitech Products super bright LED lights.


NOTE: May not be legal in some states. Check with your local, state and county laws.