It is always recommended to remove the taillight assembly from vehicle when installing new LED conversion kit, but with a little more effort LED can also be installed with the taillight on the car.


1-    Disconnect negative battery cable

2-    Remove taillight lens, bulb, and inside red separator. NOTE: DONšT UST RED SEPERATOR WHEN CONVERTING TO LED

3-    Install new aluminum sleeve from the backside of taillight (threaded part in) 

4-    Place one ¼˛ aluminum spacers over threaded part of the sleeve 

5-     Place new bracket vertically over the spacers, then install new mounting nut, and tighten nut with a needle nose pliers.

6-    Connect LED bayonet to the original socket thru the taillight hole, and connect socket to the sleeve. NOTE: MAKE SURE LED WIRES ARE GENTALY PLACED IN THE HOUSING

7-    Place LED board on the bracket, and with the two 4-40 ½˛ bolts provided in the kit tighten LED

8-    Reinstall lens assembly , and connect battery cable

9-    Inspect all taillight functions before driving