Dominator Belt Drive Installation Instruction


For factory chain drive disassembly refer to Harley Davidson service Manuel.


Before installing the Domiator belt drive clean all the grease and dirt from the motor and transmission.


  1. Remove stock primary drive and Stator (See factory Manuel).
  2. Replace engine front seal flat side facing in. It may be necessary to grease the seal for easy installation. It is not necessary to replace the seal on twin cam motors, or if you already have a double lip seal. (Seal supplied with the Dominator).
  3. Remove transmission main shaft bearing race using Jims (Main shaft bearing race tool) part # 34902-84 or equivalent.
  4. Install engine offset spacer only if equipped with an offset.
  5. Align and install inner primary motor plate. Apply small amount of Loctite to all the inner primary bolts, and torque to 20 ft-lbs. Note: For Dyna models see pivot bolt relocation.
  6. Install front and rear pulleys and check for proper fit. Using a straight edge you should determine if the front pulley will need shimming or not depending on how the pulleys will align with each other. Place the straight edge on flat side of the rear pulley, and to the lip on the front pulley to determine the alignment. It may be necessary to add or remove shims to align the pulleys.Tighten front pulley nut to 150 to 165 ft-lbs, and rear pulley nut to 70 to 80 ft-lbs.
  7. Install and adjust clutch assembly using Harley Davidson service Manuel for the standard equipped Dominator clutch. For the optional Barnett Scorpion clutch use installation instruction supplied with the kit. Make sure to use sealed nut and adjuster supplied with the kit.
  8. Install belt by slowly tapping it on with a rubber mallet.
  9. Install starter pinion supplied with the kit. There are 2 bolts supplied one for 1990-1993 and one for 1994 and up. It may be necessary to drill the starter shaft depending on the starter being used.
  10. Install front and rear bearing support pulley covers.
  11. Install front bearing support plate use red loctite and torque to 20 ft-lbs.
  12. Install front and rear bearing plugs.
  13. Install starter bendix cone cover.

Dyna models pivot bolt relocation


  1. Remove exhaust to allow access to the swing arm pivot bolt.
  2. Remove castle nut on drive side to allow pivot bolt to be removed.
  3. Push shaft through by using a blunt drift, so that the swing arm stays intact.
  4. Reinstall shaft the opposite direction and install new special spacers. Spacers are stamped 1 and 2. Spacer 1 will fit on the right side and spacer 2 will fit on the left side and tighten nut.