BDL 3 3/8” Top Fuel Upgrade Kit


This upgrade kit is available in four custom design options: Dominator, Outlaw, Farrell Flames, and Demon Drive.  Installation time is approximately 5 minutes.


Kit includes:

·         Hitech custom front cover

·         (2)  sealed bearings

·         front bearing cover

·         rear bearing cover

·         (6)  6/32-1/2” socket head allen front and rear bearing cover mounting bolts



NOTE:  Blue loctite is recommended on all mounting bolts.


  1. Remove BDL standard front cover by unbolting the (2) center button head allen mounting bolts.  NOTE:  Do NOT discard bolts.
  2. Install Hitech ‘s custom front cover using the (2) chrome button head allen bolts (removed in #1).  NOTE:  Torque bolts to 35 ft lbs.
  3. Install Hitech’s front and rear bearing covers using the (6) 6/32-1/2” socket head allen bolts provided in the kit.