1.      Remove BDL standard front cover by unbolting the (4) center button head allen mounting bolts. 

2.      Install Hitech’s sub-plate and (2) stand-offs bolted together to the BDL motor plate, using the (4) 5/16”-18 x 1” socket head allen mounting bolts provided in the kit.  NOTE: Leave sub-plate loose, and do not torque sub-plate at this time.

3.      Install Hitech’s custom front cover using the (2) 1/2"–13 x 1 1/2” button head allen bolts provided in the kit. 

4.      Torque the (2) front cover chrome button head allen bolts to 35 ft lbs.

5.      Torque the (4) sub-plate socket head allen bolts to 25 ft lbs.

6.       Make sure all the clearances or okay and start the engine.    



NOTE:  Blue loctite is recommended on all mounting bolts.