Karata 3-4-5 inch Upgrade Kit


This simple to install upgrade not only beautifies the belt drive, but it also mounts Hitech’s front custom cover solidly to the Karata motor plate, making it bullet proof.  This upgrade kit is available in four design options: Dominator, Outlaw, Farrell Flames, and Demon Drive.  Installation time is approximately 30 minutes.


Kit includes:

·         Hitech custom front cover

·         (2)  ½”-13 x 1 ½” chrome button head allen front cover mounting bolts

·         sub-plate

·         (4)  5/16”-18 x 1 ½” socket head allen sub-plate mounting bolts

·         (2)  stand-offs

·         (2)  ½”-13 x 1 ½” socket head allen lower stand-off to sub-plate mounting bolts

·         center punch

·         “F” drill bit (size .257) 

·         5/16”-18 tap 

NOTE:  Blue loctite is recommended on all mounting bolts.


  1. Remove Karata standard front cover by unbolting the (6) button head allen mounting bolts.  NOTE:  Do NOT discard bolts.
  2. Install Hitech’s complete upgrade assembly consisting of Hitech custom front cover, sub-plate and stand-offs all bolted together to the Karata motor plate.  Bolt assembly to the Karata Belt Drive using the (6) button head allen mounting bolts removed in step #1.  Note: Karata motor plate does not have 4 mounting holes for Hitech’s sub-plate.  They must be center punched, drilled and taped. 
  3. NOTE: In this step Hitech sub-plate must be used as a template to center punch, drill, and tap (4) 5/16”-18 holes in the Karata motor plate.
    1. Using Hitech’s sub-plate as a template center punch the (4) sub-plate mounting holes in the Karata motor plate,
    2. Remove the complete upgrade assembly to drill and tap the Karata motor plate.
    3. Drill the (4) center punched holes all the way through Karata motor plate using the drill bit included in the kit.  “F” Drill (size .257),
    4. Use 5/16”-18 tap included in the kit to tap the (4) holes you just drilled.
  4. Re-install Hitech’s complete upgrade assembly to the Karata motor plate, torque the (6) ¼” - 20 x ½” button head allens to 10 ft lbs.  Note: The (2) chrome button head front cover bolts must be left loose in this step.
  5. Torque the (4) sub-plate socket head allen bolts to 25 ft lbs.
  6. Torque the (2) front cover chrome button head allen bolts to 35 ft lbs.